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On the Speak Foreign platform, we offer individuals from all over the world the opportunity and distinct advantage to learn a language of their choosing from skilled tutors from different parts of the globe.

No traditional classrooms or face-to-face sessions are required to accomplish this. Our skilled tutors have prepared various learning materials (audio and written) to assist learners get the best tutorials.

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Our courses are very popular among language enthusiasts
and students from all over the world.

  • 250 students enrolled Lisa Mancho

    Learn to speak the Hindi language from a skilled tutor

  • 80 students enrolled Michael Richards

    Become a German language expert in a matter of weeks

  • 40 students enrolled James Rugter

    Learn this language in a matter of weeks with great convenience

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    Students from all over the world prefer to learn on our platform.

    Skilled Tutors

    The skills of our language tutors are unmatched worldwide.

    Affordable Courses

    The affordability of our courses makes us most visited platform.

    Study Material

    Our study materials are make accessible to students immediately.

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    Top Tutors

    Dominic Ortega

    Teaching Portuguese, Spanish and French is what I love doing and enjoy.

    Lisa Mancho

    I teach perfect Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi and the Korean languages

    James Rugter

    I teach Arabic, Japanese, English and Russian languages fluently.

    Michael Richards

    Teaching English, French, Spanish, German and Italian is what I do best.

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