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6 Things to Remember Before Sending Your Cat to Boarding

February19, 2020
by alejandrabussell

If you have travel plans for the weekend or probably have a business meeting to attend, you cannot always take along your cat. With no one at home to take care of them, the only resort is the car boarding facility that is available in the present times.

Given the busy lives that people lead, several cat lovers and trained pet caretakers have come up with facilities for cat boarding in Townsville where you can leave your little ones when you cannot attend to them at home. When they are licensed and trained to board your cat(s), you can rest assured that they are in the right hands.

Before you let your cat accommodate themselves at the boarding, here are a few things that you should remember.

Pack their food

There are times when a change in food type at the boarding can give your cat an upset stomach. To be on the safe side and prevent complications, consider packing food for them in separate bags and containers. Let the caretaker know about what to feed them to prevent complications like that of nausea or vomiting. This reduces the trouble of preparing food for them, especially when there are several cats to attend.

Specify medicines (if any)

If your cat has consumed medicines for any given reason, ensure that you have marked them separately so that the caretaker can distinguish between them and feed them accordingly. Do not avoid them, thinking that it wouldn’t matter for a day or two. A routine set for your cats may be disrupted if you do so.

Give along with the things that they love

If your cat has a specific bed to sleep on or 강아지 피부병 probably a toy that it loves tugging at, give it along with your cat. You could also consider giving a blanket or anything of that sort which would give them a sense of familiarity and not make them feel out of place. Cats cannot often adjust to a new place, and that is the reason why such things need to be taken care of.

Place identity marks on their stuff

Whether you are packing food for them beforehand 고양이 발정기 or sending along with stuff that is familiar to them, tag them well and place identification marks on them. Write down names with permanent markers that would ensure that their things aren’t misplaced. It gives the caretakers the ease of identifying things and taking care of the cats well.

Do not forget to give them your contact numbers

Helping the caretakers with your contact numbers or even emergency numbers when you are not around is something that helps them get in touch with you in times of emergency. You could provide them with email addresses as well that would help them communicate in case the phone numbers do not work. You could also consider helping them with names and numbers of your neighbours or relatives in the city. Any requirement or emergency can be attended by them.

Help with special instructions (if any)

If there is a specific way of caring for your pet or putting them off to sleep, help the caretakers with instructions. They would try their best to help your cat feel at home and make them comfortable.

Zoe Mustafa has had close associations with those who help out with cat boarding in Townsville. He writes this article to help people know of things before they send their cat to the boarding.