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Chefchaouen Day Trip Offers Plenty of Things Worth Traveling to The Country of Morocco

January26, 2020
by tamarahildebrand

Chefchaouen, the largest town in Morocco’s Rif region, is an excellent place to get away for a day trip from Tangier which is sufficient to get a better travel experience. The picturesque medina, access to the mountains and historical places made Chefchaouen a popular stop on the backpacker itinerary.

Chefchaouen day trip from Tangier takes you to discover many historical and cultural monuments preserved in and around Tangier. The number one thing to do on a Chefchaouen day trip is the Medina which is the old town of the city. Here you can find Andalucian influence architecture with red tiled roofs and bright blue buildings at your every turn. In the heart of the Medina is Plaza Uta El- Hammam mostly dominated by the Kasbah and Grande Mosque! The 15th-century mosque is well known for its octagonal shaped tower. It is worth visiting the area to see the structure from the outside where you must feel relaxed. Getting around is made easier if you have prearranged with experienced guides which are common on any international trips in Morocco.

Morocco’s mountains offer plenty of places for trekking and Chefchaouen day trip will take you to travel the Rif Mountains of the region located near Chefchaouen. The Rif Mountains are rich of historical significance. The best place to go trekking in Chefchaouen is Talassemtane National Park, the small villages of Kalaa and Akchour, some of the oldest and historical caves, 실시간카지노 and 예스카지노 the Bridge of God which is a natural structure that constantly draws the tourist’s attention. The magnificent waterfalls near it are the significant thing to observe, and most travel operator will be glad to take you to those areas.

Relaxing is always part of any vacation. To treat you right on this vacation consider taking advantage of one of the spas in Chefchaouen. It is well known for 바카라사이트 most sophisticated spa’s offering from pedicures to full body massage services to make you relax from your body and mind. Eating in Chefchaouen is also a pleasing experience as restaurants provide a wonderful atmosphere while serving a excellent Moroccan cuisine. Those restaurants are well known for having the fresh food with herbs and vegetables for their meals. The lounge at the restaurant or a rooftop terrace also gives the better view of the city. Tourists of every kind come for Chefchaouen Day trip to explore its architecture, history, Berber culture and take pleasure in its natural settings, spas, restaurants.


For travel enthusiasts who wish to get comfort and adventure journey, Chefchaouen day trip from Tangier might be the best for them. This is the city situated between two peaks of the Rif Mountains. Visitors measured this little city as the most beautiful town in Morocco. The hues of blues and whitewashed mountain homes mesmerize the traveler and feel as if they are in a new world. Reputed travel operators organize how visitors can best experience the Chefchaouen day trip. They will help you in deciding the best itineraries for Chefchaouen day trip from Tangier and make you feel free to experience some of your favorite trips.

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