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How Is The Luxury Adventure Travel Market Transforming Recently?

February12, 2020
by dellaparks0

The face of luxury adventure travel has started changing in the past few years. While luxurious experiences used to be the priorities for travelers in the past, people are now more aware of the world than ever before. The modern luxury is looking for more or less unexplored destinations. And many of them are ready to accept that such destinations don’t meet the traditional definition of luxury.

It is a new world of luxury travel, where the best luxury destinations can no longer be defined in the same context as they used to be.

The Pursuit of Undiscovered Locations

Accommodation is one of the most important factors defining the level of luxury offered by a hotel or resort. More travelers today want to fly to more remote places and are also ready to drive to get to such destinations.

The way travelers have been exploring the local attractions and highlights has also changed. It is less about visiting the local museum and more about exploring the local communities. This is why resorts located in the heart of remote villages are gaining more and more popularity.

Travelers no longer perceive luxury in the sense they used to. While beautiful resorts and hotels, and plush furnishings are still valued, it is more about the experience they enjoy.

Wellness Tourism

Another way luxury travel is transforming is in the form of wellness tourism. It is now one of the hottest topics covered by even the best fitness magazines. Well travel allows travelers to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The focus of such travels is to enhance your mental, physical, エスコ?トアガシ Angel and even spiritual wellbeing.

While traditionally, wellness tourism has been part of luxury spa holidays, it has taken different forms now. Some of these enhancements include the following:

Digital detoxification

Fitness concierge

Healthy food options

Sleep enhancement

Wellness Tourism Trends

Some of the popular trends in wellness tourism are as follows:

i. Transformative Wellness Tourism

The modern traveler seeks transformational value from their travel experience. People want to engage in self-reflection and make long-lasting changes to their lives. While traditional luxury travels were more about getting pampered by all the services and amenities, it is now more about seeking personal growth.

The key features of such transformational experiences provided by luxury travel brands include:

Immersive story-based wellness journeys

More focus on self-actualization than on pampering ego

More focus on active experience than on passive experience

ii. Deeper Travel Experiences

Travelers now seek wellness benefits through more extreme treatments, challenges, and experiences. For example, some luxury travel companies are taking their clients on customized trips that include difficult terrain. It even takes months for the clients to get prepared to take up the challenges. It is something that the best travel and leisure magazine may have never covered in the past.

iii. Disconnecting from the Digital World

Another new trend in the wellness travel segment is the growing demand for digital detox experience. Many luxury resorts, spas, and wellness centers are offering plans and packages around disconnecting from the digital world.

There are many other trends that are redefining the luxury travel segment. This includes healthier food options, female-only wellness tourism, fitness retreats, and architectural design wellness among others.Thus, there are more luxury travel options available to true enthusiasts than ever before.

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